Thrift Shop


The seasons have changed and with this our thrift shop selection has too. We are filled with gratitude for the many generous donations we have received. This has enabled us to fill our clothing racks to capacity with items for fall and winter. Our ever changing selection incudes heavier coats, warm hats, gloves, flannel pjs and warm robes, sweaters, long trousers, blouses, dresses, children’s clothing, undergarments, shoes and socks. We have toys and games to keep the children and family occupied during the not so nice days on the horizon.. There are many gift items like jewelry to consider for the holidays as well as housewares and linens galore. Don’t miss out! Stop in and visit the Baiting Hollow Church Thrift Shop on Thursday or Saturday (or both) between 10 and 3 each of those days. We volunteers do enjoy our work and you will find us ready and willing to visit with you and answer any questions you may have.


Donations will not be accepted after 10/22/22
We will be closing for the season on Nov.19






We try to keep our shop a quality shop. With this in mind, please make sure your donations are clean, not chipped or broken and if equipment of some kind in working order. It takes time to sort through your very welcomed donations, but extra time when we have to make a pile for the dumpster too. We do not put out torn or dirty clothing, broken dishware or anything that does not work. They all go into the dumpster. Thank you for helping us out!


Donating furniture to the Baiting Hollow Church

If you have a small amount of furniture, single pieces, small in nature like coffee tables, small chairs, outdoor furniture and can bring it to the church on Thursday or Saturday during thrift shop hours, we will accept your donation if we have room in the Thrift Shop shed for it.  Please check with someone in the Thrift Shop however, before you leave it.


Under no circumstances should furniture or any other donations just be left on the “doorstep” at any time. We do not always have the help or facilities to take care of it. As a result, your gift meant to help others may just end up in the dumpster because of lack of space or being ruined by the weather. in addition donations left at the entrance pose a serious health and safety hazard and can prevent entrance and exgress to the building (Riverhead Fire Marshal)


We cannot accept box springs, or mattresses of any kind, any baby cribs with drop sides or mfg. before 2011, any children’s car seats or equipment or toys that have been recalled.(Suffolk County Health Laws)  If we are uncertain about what you have left with us it will be thrown away. Safety is important to us, particularly that of the infants and children who would end up using the equipment. 


Approved by the Baiting Hollow Church Council                                                  March 13, 2016



Over a quarter of a century ago a few ladies of the Baiting Hollow Church received permission from our Church Council to try and start a Thrift Shop. What began with a few tables of knick knacks has blossomed into  our Parish Hall and entry way and a small “barn” full of clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, jewelry, household linens, kitchen ware, small appliances and even some furniture. All the material is donated by our members, friends and neighbors locally and throughout Long Island and even by some who live as far away as Connecticut and New York City. For these donations we are most thankful.


The Thrift Shop is directed and staffed by volunteers from the church and community. The shop is open between the week of St. Patrick’s Day in March and the week before Thanksgiving in November. Times of operation are Thursdays and Saturdays between 10 AM and 3 PM.


We are always grateful for donations of gently used and clean clothing, as well as household goods and the like. If you should wish to donate, please do so during the days and hours the thrift shop is open. 


All income from the Thrift Shop is used toward our yearly budgeted expenses, including missions.