Welcome to the web home of the Baiting Hollow Church! We hope you will spend time visiting the site to learn a bit more about our church.  If you are searching for a spirit of Christian love and friendship and a Faith Community grounded in God's amazing grace you will surely want to visit our historic Baiting Hollow Church in person.

Baiting Hollow Church is an active small church. We are located in the hamlet of Baiting Hollow on Long Island, NY. This is an area that used to be all agriculture, mainly potatoes. Housing developments have moved in but we still have a few farms and now vineyards complete with wine tasting and entertainment. We consider the Baiting Hollow area “country” as compared to other areas of Long Island to the west.


The Baiting Hollow church building is handicap accessible for the main floor. The sanctuary is air conditioned as are the Sunday School rooms. There is ample parking on church property. The basement Sunday Schoool rooms can be accessed via a stair chair for those who find stairs difficult.


Worship services are held at Baiting Hollow Church each Sunday morning at 10 am. Sunday school takes place at the same time.  Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month and it is open to all who wish to participate. Our communion elements are grape juice and bread. Gluten free wafers are offered for those who have a gluten intolerance. Dress for worship services is your choice. Some of our Baiting Hollow Church Family come in work clothes, others business casual and some even in sports uniforms as they are heading for their game after church.


The Baiting Hollow Church religious education program runs year round. Sunday School classes are held each Sunday other than the first Sunday of the month. This is communion Sunday and the students are offered the opportunity to observe the sacrament and remain in church with their parents.   Confirmation classes are held as needed. Classes take place during Sunday School time and they are open to young people ages 12 and up who wish to confirm their belief in Jesus Christ.


Women have played an important part in the history of Baiting Hollow Church since the early 1800’s. The year 2019 will be no exception, as the women of the church are often called upon to help carry out our varied activities.


Baiting Hollow Church supports many mission programs, those of the United Church of Christ as well others we have taken upon ourselves. Some are local and some reach out to various places like "Appalachia" and Africa.


Other activities we promote are our annual yard sales, Christmas greens sale, our new chinese auction and our ever popularThrift Shop.


Baiting Hollow Church doors are open to all who wish to grow in faith individually and with others; who also wish to serve those in need and work for unity and peace.


Please explore the Baiting Hollow church website further to learn more about our"Church on the Hill" and what we have to offer you. We look forward to seeing you in person. Welcome Home!


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