Nov.     10        Ellen Talmage & Kim Talmage

            17        open & Diana Cheshire

            24        Johnny Hall & Glenn Davis


Dec.      1        Deacons

              8        Bill and Joan Meyer

             15       Paula and Joe Buccellato

             22       Nate and Leslie Corwin

             24       Deacons

             29       Hank & Joan Parkinson



Women’s Fellowship Meeting The BHCC Women will hold their monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 19, at 5:30 p.m. in the church parlor.  The tentative agenda includes a pot-luck dinner, a short Bible study, making plans for future meetings, planning for the Church Christmas Party, and a wreath-making demonstration by Bertha Fricke.  All women of the church are invited.  Anyone who needs a ride, or who doesn't like driving after dark, please contact Ann Van Cleef at (631) 275-3461 by Wednesday, November 13.



GREENS SALE  In three weeks it will be all over! Time is flying by! Greens Sale Workshop days and evenings are December 2-5, with set-up for the sale on the 6th and our sale on December 7.  Time is 9AM-noon during day and 6PM-9PM at night. On the day of the sale we will need help with sales, any raffles we have, and kitchen help for the food we have available for people to snack on. Make a note on your calendars to spend some time helping our church with this special Christmas time event. 



                         THRIFT SHOP
Our Thrift Shop will be closing on Saturday November 23. Please make note of this and come and help us out. We need to have the Parish Hall completely cleaned up for our holiday and winter activities. Assistance is needed around 3:15 in the afternoon.   It really does not take much longer than an hour if we have many hands.

To repeat what I wrote in the last issue of Parish Life, I would like to thank each and every one who volunteered to help in the TS, including those who come in on Sunday morning and remove clothing from the racks. Many of you work behind the scenes, fixing, carting, doing whatever, we ask of you. To those who have donated so generously to the shop, you are the ones along with members in our wide ranging community who keep us in business. You ALL are true blessings. Thank You  Jane