Jan.     12        Doug and David Talmage

            19        Irene & Dave Raio

            26        Matt Geldert & Glenn Davis


Feb.     2          Deacons

            9          Thelma & Ron Stanza

          16          Ellen Talmage & Lynn Pleasants

          23          Bill and Joan Meyer



Mar.     1         Deacons

             8         Julia and John Ronconi

           15         Doug & Lisa Talmage

           22         Joan & Hank Parkinson

           29         Matt Geldert & Mark Maligres







          For many years, Baiting Hollow Congregational Church had a Women’s Fellowship Group, but it has been inactive for several years.  Several women recently expressed an interest in rejuvenating the group.  Early in the fall, Kathy Knavel asked me if I would consider taking the Women’s Group on as a project.


          Six of us gathered for our first dinner meeting on October 15.  I asked for an honest evaluation of why the group had ceased to exist.  I was told that the leadership felt burned out because all the work fell on a few shoulders.  Many people don’t like driving at night, and it was becoming difficult to find interesting programs for the meetings.


          We agreed that our new group, BHCC Women, would not have officers or dues.  I don’t mind moderating the group, as organizing is one of my “gifts.”  Gatherings would be informal and flexible.  We would meet once a month at 5:30 p.m., and offer rides to those who don’t like driving at night.  We would do a variety of things at our meetings.  Input from those gathered included: helping others in the church when needed; possibly fellowshipping with other women’s groups; maybe go to a concert or a play once in a while; go out to dinner occasionally; have a Bible study at most meetings; have an occasional speaker; help with church events; explore the possibility of attending the UCCNY Women’s Conference in Painted Post, NY, Thursday, April 30 – Saturday, May 2.


          Our second meeting took place on November 19, with fifteen people in attendance.  We enjoyed a delicious pot luck supper.  Kathy Knavel led us in a Bible study of Ephesians 1:15-23.  For our program, Bertha Fricke and Kathy demonstrated the art of wreath making.  Most of the group members were planning on making wreathes for the Greens Sale, so this was a good review for everyone.


          By the time you read this, our annual Christmas Dinner at Desmond’s will have taken place.  We hope you will join us at our January meeting on Tuesday, January 14, at 5:30 p.m.  We will have a pot luck dinner and a short Bible study.


          The program for the January meeting is called “Hobbies.”  Everyone has a hobby.  Maybe you knit, grow onions, collect bottlecaps, or read John Grisham novels.  We will ask people to bring something in that represents their favorite hobby and then do a 5-minute sharing with the group.  (We did this at the Greenport Rotary Club last year, and it ended up being a great program.  We learned new things about people whom we had known for years.)  


          I am excited about bring a part of BHCC Women.  It’s a wonderful group of terrific women who enjoy sharing their faith and serving others.  (Okay, we enjoy eating, too.)  Come and join us!  New people are always welcome, even if you can only join us once in a while.


- Ann Van Cleef



Call to the Annual Meeting


The 229th Annual Meeting of the Baiting Hollow Congregational Church will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2020 in the church sanctuary immediately following morning worship.


The purpose of the meeting shall be:

  1.  To hear and act upon the reports of the officers, boards, and committees for the year 2019
  2. To hear and act upon the proposed budget for the year 2020
  3. To elect officers and board members for the year 2020
  4. To hear and act upon any other business which may properly come before the meeting.


       A quorum of 10 voting members is required for the

       transaction of business


By order of the Baiting Hollow Church Council 
                                      December 8, 2019



The annual meeting of the Baiting Hollow Cemetery association will follow the annual meeting of the church.


Please make every effort to attend and have your voice heard.   learn what is planned for the year ahead.