Grab your clippers, gloves, imaginations, grungy clothes, all the good gossip you can think of and come to our work days at the church for the Greens sale. You will be making the most beautiful wreaths, table decorations, coffee cup pieces and who know what else. Yes, you can do it. We give instruction and if you listen carefully your piece could turn out to be the million dollar piece of the day! You never know! If you are not a wreath person there are lots of other ways to go.


We will be working Monday through Thursday November 26th, 27th, 28th, & 29th from 9 AM til noon and 6PM-9PM each day On Friday the 30th please come give us a hand setting up for the sale. It is usually an all day affair so come anytime from 9 AM until …we get it done.


Saturday December 1st is the Sale Day. There will be a sign-up sheet for volunteers for Friday and Saturday placed on the bulletin board by the office after the first of November. Check it out and put your name on it someplace.


We need the following items to make our beautiful pieces, Please bring them in and place on the front pew . 

  • Plastic containers:  These are like cool whip containers. We put oasis in them and they fit inside our baskets etc. to hold the water for the greenery
  • Pinecones of all sizes
  • Ribbon  Anyone who has a 40% off coupon for michaels and would like to purchase Christmas Ribbon or green light weight wire please do so. Keep the receipts and turn in promptly to Kathy. We don’t want to have more than we need of one thing and not enough of another.
  • Cookies for Saturday  We don’t need tons of them but some freshly baked cookies are a  nice touch   Sign up on the sheet in November.



Coming up the end of January we are having a Chinese auction in our parish hall. This will be open to the public and we are counting on you to help spread the word. The auction will be an enlargement of our BBQ Chinese auction and we hope will go a long way toward replacing the money we did not get when the BBQ was canceled. This may turn out to be a less strenuous way for us to increase our income. We will still have to have your involvement in setting up in the parish hall and helping the day of the auction. We will be serving food from the kitchen and will need help collecting the entry fees etc. Please save the date of January 26,2019.  NO snow is forecast for the day!


The Church Council has approved having a basket of “scratch off” lottery cards at the Chinese Auction. Those of you who feel you would like to help out with this basket are encouraged to bring in unused scratch off lottery cards to fill it. Of course, the more we have the better. Please give them to Kathy. Thanks a  bunch!!



 We are collecting peanut butter and jelly which is used to make sandwiches for the homeless by a group at one of our Long Island Churches. This mission will continue until Thanksgiving Sunday. Please bring in PB and J as often as you can during the next few weeks. Your gifts are sincerely appreciated by the folks making the sandwiches and those receiving them.     



 Tuesday, Dec.11at Desmonds. Please come at 5:30. Dinner will be served at 6:30. Cost is $36. Free coffee, soda; cash bar. Menu is chef salad, and choice of Chicken Marsala, Salmon/Dill or Rigatoni Bolognese. Dessert is chefs choice. Gift exchange dollar limit is $10.  For reservations call Carol 631-369-8497