FLOWERS FOR OUR ALTAR    May Flowers needed

If you wish to have flowers on a Sunday honoring or in memory of someone you are asked to please contact Jane.  You may pay for your flowers by writing a check to the Baiting Hollow Church, and placing it or cash in an envelope marked Jane/flowers. This envelope can go in the offering plate.  or be given directly to Jane on Sundays. Flowers will be $40 for pair of altar flowers and $20 for pedestal flowers. Jane (631-727-3152) or



Yard Sale
The Church Council has decided that it would not be wise at the present time to hold our spring yard sale. We will revist

the pandemic situation in the summer to determine if we can go ahead with the fall yard sale.



Chinese Auction    
We are anticipating having our Chinese Auction on a Saturday in June.This will be outdoors and will involve a lot of hustling around doing the setup in the morning. The auction probably would begin at noon.


Please note: Kathy can still use baskets and items for baskets, especially things men would like as well as toddlers and older children. We have purchased quite a few larger prizes so if you would care to donate toward them or toward smaller items that Kathy could purchase as fillers, that would be great. Please see Kathy about that or call her at 631-901-4941. Once again, search your house and look for new items that you do not want and re-gift them to the Auction. Most of us have things we have received that we do not use or do not care for. Don’t feel guilty! It would be going to a good cause. Better that than sitting on a shelf in a cupboard or closet. Items can be brought to church on a Sunday and left in the kitchen.


Thrift Shop
We can hardly wait to get the thrift shop open! Some of us have bags of goodies stored in our homes for the shop. We would love to get rid of them! Right now we are anticipating opening the shop on June 10. Note change of date. Our hours would be Thursday and Saturday from 9-3 for staff. We will be open from 10-3 for customers. Volunteers usually work mornings or afternoons. In some cases both. We are anticipating that most of the volunteers who are eligible will be vaccinated by that time. Several of us already are, at least with one dose.


We are looking for two or three more volunteers to help on Thursday and Saturday. Please help us out. call Jane

@ 631-727-3152.


This project is an urgent one to get up and running. As I mentioned before, our thrift Shop provides us with a good amount of funding, close to 18% toward our church budget. Unless we can keep the shop going, we will have to come up with something else that will fill the financial void.


We also have lots of friends who have come to enjoy the thrift shop not only for its "goodies" but also for the fellowship among each other and the staff. It will be good to revive that as it has been missed.