To note on our calendar:



As part of Easter celebration our children will participate in our annual Easter egg hunt. This will take place after 11:00 AM Easter service.  We are asking for donations of candy, plastic eggs or small prizes. Please leave these in our church kitchen.  Friends of the Easter Bunny will pick them up and make good use of them. This egg hunt is for children of all ages and is a great way to once again invite your friends, family, neighbors, and anyone you may think will enjoy our Easter worship service and egg hunt. Thanks for your help. Easter is April 21.







Mar.     3       Deacons

          10      Ellen Talmage & Lynn Pleasants

          17      Doug & Lisa Talmage

          24      Joan & Hank Parkinson                                     31      Matt Geldert & Mark Maligres


Apr.      7       Deacons

          14      Bill & Joan Meyer

          19      Good Friday Service   Deacons

  21      Deacons (both services-Easter)

          28      Irene & Dave Raio

                                                                              May      5      Deacons

          12      Sandi Mulvaney & Lyn Tyler

          19      Lynn Pleasants & Kim Talmage

  26      John & Julia Ronconi