June     9         Doug & Lisa Talmage

            16        Diana Cheshire & Sandi Mulvaney

            23        Johnny Hall & Glenn Davis



July      7         Deacons

            14        Thelma & Ron Stanza

            21        Joan & Hank Parkinson

            28        Bill & Joan Meyer.


Spring Clean Up of the Church Exterior.


It has been determined that the exterior of the Church could use a little cleaning.  The Church council has decided to see if we can do it ourselves.  This would give us a great opportunity to work together for the betterment of the Church.


Date: June 30, Sunday

Time: After service till you have to leave

Items needed:

  • Warm bodies
  • Soft brushes that you might use on your car
  • Buckets
  • Garden spray tanks.
  • Ladders
  • Cooks (we will provide hot dogs, soda, water and chips for lunch.)





During Mid June through July we will be having our usual “Christmas in July “  Mite boxes will be available and we are suggesting that you keep those boxes for the full six weeks, dropping in your extra change daily. This collection is part of the UCC missions program and the funds go to help retired pastors and staff who are in need financially for various reasons. Please be as generous as you are able. If you are not in church we suggest you consider writing a check to the church for an amount you are comfortable with for your donation. Enter Christmas in the memo area of the check and send to the church. On the outside of the envelope mark Missions so Ron and Jane will know where it goes.