The Thrift Shop is doing very well. We have had some spectacular donations and as always there is hardly room to move around in the work area.


We are still in need of volunteers to work half days or a couple of hours, and not necessarily every week; Perhaps you know of a neighbor, relative or friend who would be willing to give some time to volunteer at our thrift shop. Please call Peggy 631-722-3580 for information about volunteering





Oct.       1        Deacons

                8        Linda & Paul Urig

              15        Bill and Joan Meyer

              22        Joan &Hank Parkinson

               29        Leslie Corwin & Matt Geldert


Nov.      5        Deacons

            12        Diana Cheshire &Sandi Mulvaney

            19        Douglas Talmage & Lisa Talmage

            26        Julia and John Ronconi