Summer and warm weather is fast approaching. As the outdoors opens up and vaccines become even more prevalent, we hope to enjoy our summer outdoor children’s programs.
We’ll have games, snacks, drinks, crafts and Christian education for our youth outdoors. The playground area will be equipped with picnic tables, teachers and fun for all children

All children in our church and community are welcome to attend. We will look forward to beginning this as soon as Spring/Summer weather begins to show its face.





Sunday school classes are held during our worship service, from 10 -11 AM. The first Sunday of each month finds our children in church with their parents  or another adult for the entire service. The purpose for this is to give our youngsters an opportunity to become familiar with the worship service, enjoy the hymns and learn, as they are able, regular parts of the service such as the Lord's Prayer which often is sung.


The other Sundays of the month the children attend a short part of the regular church service with their parents or another adult and then are dismissed for Sunday school.  The day's activities may include crafts, bible lessons, music or preparation for special holiday productions. Ages for the children range from infants to teens.


We extend a welcoming hand to all children in our local and other nearby communities. Our Sunday School accepts children no matter what their religious or non religious background. We are here to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to give the young people a firm Christian foundation on which to stand in the years ahead of them.