Our 2020 Chinese Auction will be held on Saturday January 25 at the CHurch. Save the date and come
to enjoy a funfilled day!





Our Chinese Auction was not just a success, it was a huge success. About 115 items were offered and people just could not seem to get enough tickets to drop in the various bags. Everyone looked like they were having fun and even the food court selling hot dogs, chili, chips, beverages and cookies was busy. The kitchen crew worked well together and they have been invited to return next year as a unit to “do their thing again”. At the time of drawing the tables in the parish hall were full, the parlor tables were full and there were people in the sanctuary waiting to see if they were winners. It was mind boggling! Our church council thanks each one of you who donated something for the auction as well as those who worked the week before the auction and the day of the event. Thanks especially go to Kathy for the many hours she spent putting the baskets together and to Debbie who put the idea in our heads and then pulled it all together at the end. We plan on having the auction again next year with maybe some little changes to make it even more efficient. Kathy also has an idea for a neat way we all could learn the tricks of the trade and help out. Watch for that information coming down the pike.