At the January 2017 BHC Council Meeting, the Carpenters for Christ mission was officially disbanded until sometime in the future when it might become more feasible.  The idea for this mission project was great, but the logistics of our church home did not allow for storage large enough to accommodate the furniture people wanted to gift us with. We had to constantly turn donations away. We were unable to find a local spot where we could store and sell the furniture either. It is rather sad when an effort like this is made and does not work out. It probably is not the first time an idea has faltered or failed at BHC and it probably will not be the last time either. Sometimes too, when one door is closed, God opens another one.


 As a church family we would like to thank Joan and Bill Meyer for all their work with this project. They have given countless hours to it. The money raised raised has been used for various missions by our church. We truly hope that someplace down the line we will be able to revive the project and at that time it will be a tremendous success.

To all those in the community who supported this effort by donating or purchasing furniture or accessories, you have our heartfelt thanks. We would also like to thank the young men from the Timothy Hill Ranch in Riverhead who helped on numerous occasions move the furniture from place to place. There was true community involvement with this project. God is good so who knows what the future may bring?