Women have always played an important role in the Baiting Hollow Church. Throughout the past 225 years several women’s Fellowship groups have served the church well. The latest group, the Good Will Club fell victim to changing times; family lives and general secular societal changes. The group has disbanded with great sadness.


While it was a sad moment for those who had belonged to the Good Will Club, some for over 50 years and some for only a few, looking forward there is something new and probably better for today’s times “in the works.”


The Baiting Hollow Church Family Fellowship has been formed  This fellowship automatically includes the entire church faith family: men and women, children of all ages and adults from 18 to well up into their 90’s. This fellowship will be doing the “work” of the church not covered by the trustees and deacons and will also be having social events suitable for all. More information on this will be added as it evolves. We are looking at this as a God given new opportunity to change direction a little and become a better church because of it.


The women of the church are still stepping in and assisting at various affairs, coffee hours, and suppers, proving that they are and will continue to be a vital part of our church life.


In addition, many of the activities led in the past by women from the Good Will Club will still be a part of our church life, including a Chinese Auction, the Yard Sales, and the December Greens Sale.

Join us in rejoicing in our new venture! We are looking forward to great things as we discern where we want to go with our Family Fellowship.